We look for individuals that want to grow with us in the long run. In return, we offer you a loyal and long-term working relationship, as well as:

Financial security
thanks to a perpetual
work contract and other

and opportunities
to work from home.

freedom and a
significant degree of
of autonomy.

workplaces and
modern technical

We promote
continuing education
and interdisciplinary

Our company culture
thrives from
open exchange,
trust, and appreciation.

We offer the following positions:

Your start as apprentice

  • Commercial manager for office management
  • Commercial manager for IT system management
  • Personnel services manager
  • Paralegal
  • Assistant tax consultant (optional: integrated degree program cooperation with FOM)

Your start as skilled worker

  • Certified management accountant
  • Controller
  • Commercial manager (college/university)
  • Qualified wage and salary assistant
  • Assistant tax consultant (Fibutronik)
  • Business administrator
  • Wage and salary manager
  • Personnel administrator
  • Audit assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Paralegal business administrator
  • Certified business economist
  • Tax assistant
  • Assistant tax consultant
  • Tax specialist

Your start as professional

  • Lawyer
  • Tax consultant
  • Accountant 

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